Has a cat. Likes to fuss. Knows Harry Potter. Isn't Magical. Has conversations with Dumbledore.

Er. Is it Hermione? maybe. i saw cat and knows harry potter.

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  1. mistymountain-hop said: filch. winning.
  2. previouslygillany said: Filch! haha
  3. fredsleftbuttock said: well isn’t magical. So no. It’s Mrs. Figg.
  4. jordan-baker said: mrs figg!!
  5. the-threebroomsticks said: MRS FIGG, YOU ARE RUBBISH AT THIS KELSEY, GODDDD!
  6. lovhandles said: filchfilchfilch
  7. hermrione said: fig
  8. musiclily said: Filch, silly!
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