We’ve got a very similar approach to acting, I think. But also we have a huge amount of respect for everyone on set, not just actors. I don’t think I could ever be friends with somebody who didn’t have respect for everyone on set. That’s the one thing I actually can’t stand. But also, silly shit, like we’ve both got quite stupid, silly senses of humor. We also talk football a lot as well.

- Daniel Radcliffe on Dane DeHaan

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First thought, best thought.

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"I had a need to establish credibility in projects outside of Harry Potter. But I do think I’ve now shown that I can act, that I can do characters other than Harry Potter. I’m sure not everything I do for the rest of my career will be a roaring success, but I think I’ll always want to push myself."

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daniel radcliffe looking more like harry potter than when he was harry potter

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The Potter Generation (X)

29.Favourite Cast Member; Daniel Radcliffe

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The Seven Potters.

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Post Hogwart graduates get an invite to their first muggle party.

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Me Mr. Radcliffe. #Gangster. #Oscars

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Daniel Radcliffe facial expressions

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Gotta love this guy. (x)