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friendly reminder that in half-blood prince harry was so busy staring at draco’s dot on the marauder’s map that he walked into a suit of armour

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AU: After graduating Hogwarts, Harry Potter becomes an auror, and his first mission is to track down the missing Draco Malfoy who has left and went into hiding in the muggle world, trying to escape Azkaban. No one wants a Death Eater to be free, but Harry couldn’t live with feeling like he had failed to save someone he’d known for so long, and someone he knows isn’t a bad person, so he makes a plan on how to get him back without having to send him to Azkaban. When he finally finds him, he tries to get to Draco by befriending him and explaining to him what he wants to do. Draco is hesitant at first, but quickly accepts Harry’s offer and they start working together while staying in Draco’s small place in the muggle world. Slowly but surely during the intensive weeks that pass, Harry somehow falls in love with the new and vulnerable man, and when Draco finds out how Harry feels, he realises that he feels the same but gets scared that he will lose him when they get back, so he decides to stay “safe” in the muggle world.

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Yesterday I died, tomorrow's bleeding. 
Fall into your sunlight. 

-Trading Yesterday

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"He never leaves Harry, not even when Harry left him…"

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Burn let it all burn

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Can I take it to a morning
Where the fields are painted gold
And the trees are filled with memories
Of the feelings never told?

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You give me a million reasons to hate you, but I’ll find any excuse to forgive you.

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Two poor souls that were too young to know death

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You’re my obsession 

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