one direction has been a boyband for almost 4 years and still no christmas album. im sueing.

people are crying and upset over louis getting hurt while playing. have yall ever watched sports? everyone gets hurt they arent just going to not attack him because hes famous

the process of my zayn drawin

the process of my zayn drawin

my process drawing of liam payne

my process drawing of liam payne

louis in grease

One Direction on The Hunger Games



louis’ first appearance with red hair

AU: Louis is a spy. Harry is his handler. Workplace relationships are complicated enough as it is.

“Copy that, babycakes.”




100% real

i know me too josh me too

i was bored and this happened

Summary: Louis works at Starbucks. Harry is a baker. Louis shouldn’t have thrown the house party. Harry shouldn’t have written his number on the older boy’s arm.
Chapter 2


Louis was not exaggerating the amount of respect he had for his mum right now. The respect had risen after trying to persuade her that he was old enough to live on his own and that he should have his own flat. It took two days, back and forth on the topic of responsibility and Louis felt all the guilt in the world, since he had lied to his mum about not throwing the party. 
“I guess I just don’t want to let my Boo Bear go,” his mum said during one of their conversations.
Finally, his mum agreed. The hard part was that he and Zayn wanted their own flat, the more difficult part was that Zayn didn’t have a job. A job at Starbucks was not enough to own a flat with his friend. Louis’ job at Starbucks was not enough to pay rent for a flat. Zayn and Louis needed to job search.
As soon as Louis’ shift ended, he and Zayn were in the car, heading to the shopping district of town with hopeful optimism.
The school traffic began to come through and Louis groaned. He hated that his work schedule always overlapped with the school getting out. The light turned red and he stopped, looking at the teenagers crossing the street, not paying full attention.
“Oh hey that’s Niall,” Zayn said, looking out the window.
The curly haired boy from the other day and his blonde friend were walking out together. Louis assumed Niall was the blonde one, since Zayn was staring intently at him.
“And that’s Harry,” Zayn added. “I saw them yesterday at the bakery.”
The name was the same as the boy who Louis was texting with consistently. Last week, the mysterious boy had finally decided to give Louis his name. Louis wasn’t sure why the moment was right, but when he got the text he couldn’t stop grinning. He didn’t know why Harry made him so happy. Zayn mentioned that they were at the bakery and the Harry Louis knew was a baker and…
It all clicked into place as Louis stared at the curly haired boy named Harry. He was the Harry. Louis had spent the weekend trying to put a face to the boy from the party and now here he was, so close, yet so far. Harry was now staring back at Louis, looking somewhat worried. Louis frowned. Did Harry remember Louis’ face from the party too?
“Louis, go!” Zayn yelled. 
Louis snapped back to attention and realized the light was green and a loud horn from behind was being honked.
He pressed hard on the gas pedal and drove away from the school. Louis made sure to only pay his attention to his driving and definitely not the curly haired boy named Harry.
When they arrived at Starbucks, Louis instantly felt sorry for Zayn. There was a huge line, mostly teenagers that had just got out of school. He looked at Zayn and tugged on his arm, leading him to the back room. 
“Louis, what are you doing?” Zayn asked, trying to wrench himself out of Louis’ grasp.
“Getting you a job!” Louis replied. 
He knocked on his boss’ door and hearing Simon mumble a response, stepped into the office with Zayn.
“Hi,” Louis said. “I realized that there was a lot of customers out front.”
Simon nodded slowly. “I’m aware, which is why I’m wondering why you aren’t out there.”
“Well, my friend needs a job and he could help us out,” Louis smiled. He hoped that Simon would at least look up from the papers on his desk at them.
At times Louis found Simon intimidating, but, being around him long enough you got on his good side. Occasionally, like now, Simon would go into his pissed-off mode.
“Have you ever worked before, Zayn?” Simon asked.
“W-well,” Zayn stuttered, “I worked once for—”
“I don’t care,” Simon said. He paused and looked up, “Louis get him an apron and both of you get your arses out there. You can turn in your application afterwards, Zayn. I don’t want you near the coffee, but you can take the orders.”
Louis smiled and nodded quickly before leading Zayn back out of the office.
“Who the hell was that?” Zayn asked, once Louis shut the door.
“Your new boss!” Louis said, shoving Zayn a green apron. 
Zayn groaned as they walked back to the front. Louis gave Zayn advice on what to do, but it wouldn’t be too hard.  Surprisingly, the line had dissipated very quickly. Eleanor had been taking orders as well as making drinks. There were two other staff, but one of them was in charge of the drive-thru and the other wasn’t as efficient at making drinks. Zayn and Louis fell into a good rhythm with the staff and the large crowd of caffeine-buzzed teenagers was soon gone.
At the end of the shift, Louis formally introduced Zayn to everyone Zayn knew Eleanor well from parties and they fell easily into a conversation as they walked to the back and changed.
When Louis checked his phone for missed messages he was taken aback at the amount of texts spamming his phone. Needless to say, all of them were from Harry.
I had a boring day at school today. Make it better? ;) xx (15:02)
Niall saw his new friend today on the way out from school. Hasn’t talked about anything else. This is me sending help Louis. xx (15:30)
I don’t think I’ve sent as many texts to anyone in the past month and you’re ignoring me. Feeling the love. Xx (16:08)
Seriously did you die? xx (16:12)
You died xx (16:20)
Louis grinned at the texts and instantly started typing out a quick response:
Unfortunately I’m alive and healthy except work almost did kill me. Very busy today. :)
Louis nearly dropped his phone when a hand clapped down on his shoulder.
“How about it Tomlinson? You, me, and Liam having a victory party for me finally finding a job?”
Louis rolled his eyes and fell into step with Zayn, leaving Starbucks. “Emphasis on finally.”
They got into the car and headed home.
The next day was a haze for Harry. It was the same routine as always. Except, today he had overslept and was late for his first class. When the teacher asked why, he gave a cliché answer, but thankfully it was accepted without another word. 
Throughout the day his mind kept wandering back to Louis for an unknown reason. Through their texts, Harry had learned that Louis was not at all shy, unlike himself, and had a very good attitude about life. It hadn’t even been a week and Harry felt himself growing attached to the boy he hardly knew. Harry wanted to tell himself to not get too attached too soon. It seemed each time he grew attached to someone he was forced back into solitude. He didn’t want Louis to break his heart, or vice versa.
He realized that his thoughts had gone from hardly knowing Louis to wanting to be with Louis. They had only kissed once, Harry was sure of that. But he just wanted to know how soft the older boy’s lips were, wondered what he looked like and if he was just as perfect as he sounded over text. Harry wanted to know who this Louis Tomlinson was and more importantly why this boy was such a big deal to him. No other hook up had gone further than just that, a hookup: quick and lasted for a night, no longer. This wasn’t the Harry he knew himself to be and it scared him. 
He had never been in a real relationship. What if Louis didn’t feel the way he did? It was too early to tell for sure, but Harry felt something with Louis. He couldn’t describe what the something was. Just seeing he had a new message from Louis made him Harry smile. When he didn’t get a reply right away, he would wait impatiently until a text came. 
When school ended, Niall met up with Harry before they walked out to the van together. Harry’s thoughts about Louis wouldn’t get out of his head, but Niall didn’t seem to notice. His mind was focused on at his phone that, his fingers fumbling over the keys. 
Harry didn’t know what was up with Niall but ever since the customer with the nice hair had visited the bakery, Niall has been very not Niall hadn’t been acting like himself. He would leave the room and mention Zayn’s in conversation whenever he could.
The car ride to the bakery was silent. Ed didn’t even put on his music which Harry thought was purposeful to make Niall and him suffer. Niall didn’t notice the lack of tunes as he was in his own little world. Harry stared out the window, watching the cars fly by. The mini cooper he saw yesterday went by again and Harry wondered why they seemed to be crossing paths so often. Harry never noticed the car before but then again he wasn’t looking for it, was he?
Yesterday, the person in the car had been looking right at Harry like he knew him. If the person wasn’t looking at Harry, it was something behind him, but Harry was almost certain he was what had captured the stranger’s attention. He didn’t know anything about the person, not even his name. As Harry stared back at the mysterious boy he couldn’t help but think of where he had seen that face before. It looked vaguely familiar but Harry couldn’t recall anything. 
When they arrived at the bakery, all was quiet, except for the bell that chimed their welcome. The first thing that Harry noticed when he walked into the back was that his co-workers were just lounging around. The second thing, was that Zayn was slumped in a chair, fast asleep, leaning against the wall like he was just another piece of furniture. 
Harry turned around, wanting an explanation as to why Zayn was there when Ed came up behind him.
“Weird isn’t it? He comes in yesterday and then he’s been here since this afternoon,” Ed said. 
Harry stared at the boy for a moment before shouting, “Niall! There’s a package for you back here!”
Harry smirked when the blonde came running into the back, his face going into a bright smile.
“When did he get here?” Niall asked, grinning at Zayn.
“Ed said he’s been here since this afternoon. If he’s willingly going to wait for you then he’s a keeper,” Harry said, dropping his backpack down and going to his workstation.
He watched the exchange of Niall waking up Zayn, who was startled at first but then broke out into a large grin. Both of them seemed to be happy in each other’s presence.  Niall seemed really content with his new friend. His face seemed to brighten up and it had only been two days.
Harry wanted to tell Niall what was going on with Louis. Niall was nonstop texting the other boy Zayn, and whenever he wasn’t texting he was talking all about him. Even just seeing Zayn made Harry regret what Niall was going to say tomorrow about his precious new friend.
Harry wasn’t jealous, rather, he felt like he was being replaced. Harry would never confess his newfound sadness that he wasn’t Niall’s only friend. He only had platonic feelings of Niall, and Niall deserved someone that made him really happy. Yet, seeing how easy it was for Niall to find someone new was irritating Harry. Besides Niall, Ed was Harry’s only friend.
“Hold on,” Zayn said, pulling himself away from Niall’s arms.
Niall pouted as Zayn took out his phone. 
“Yeah, I know,” Zayn sighed into his cell. “Just tell them I’m sorry?”
There was a pause as the person on the other line replied. He watched as Zayn’s face frowned and he glanced at Niall letting out another sad sigh.
“Alright,” Zayn said. “Alright, I’ll be there in ten minutes okay? And stop yelling at me Louis, you sound like my mum.”
Zayn clicked the phone off and started to say goodbye to Niall, but Harry couldn’t concentrate on their conversation. His mind was repeating the word Louis over and over. Louis. Louis. It was a very common name. Zayn was talking about a different person, not Harry’s Louis.
Harry groaned at how possessive he was of the other boy already. But, Zayn couldn’t know his Louis, so there was nothing to worry about. 

Summary: Louis works at Starbucks. Harry is a baker. Louis shouldn’t have thrown the house party. Harry shouldn’t have written his number on the older boy’s arm.

Chapter 2

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